Artists Statement

My approach to making artists books is not unlike my approach to most artistic processes: I usually just let my intuition take over.  My projects almost never welcome or allow for an initial planning of every aspect of the work, because my ideas and methods are constantly changing and evolving based on my materials, my current emotions, and the message I am trying to convey.  I spend a large amount of my time collecting the materials; whether it is text, (both in writing and keeping it locked in my imagination,) as well as recycled papers, and found objects or embellishments.  While I am collecting, ideas begin to brew in my mind, and sooner or later, one will take a more prominent shape.  While the literal form of my work is ever changing, certain themes and aspects are always reoccurring: I find myself constantly drawn to lace, fabrics, color, and small semi-precious objects.  My writing focuses a lot on family history and stories, memories that seem now as if they could be dreams, and out of the ordinary happenings in seemingly ordinary lives.

My work is about the tangible validation of noticing and appreciating the beauty of the little things in life – the precious nature of small collected objects and innocent memories.

Written Spring of 2007


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