Parapluie Press

Parapluie Press is a project I started in 2006.  I was in the midst of a Book Art minor with several printing classes, poetry workshops, and projects going at the same time, and I decided to start publishing my work under my own moniker.

The following, including both large scale editions and single or small works, were published under Parapluie Press:

Large scale editions (25+):

Goodbyeology, 2006
Goodbye, Small Heart, 2006
Ellipsis, 2007
Petit Discours, 2007
Hidden Jewels, 2007
Things That Float, 2008
The Lives of Minnows, 2008
Key Books, 2008
Watching Things Get Smaller, 2009
The Left Handed Knitter, 2010
And You Wonder Why They Say…, 2010
Carriage Return*, 2011
How I Became A Connoisseur of STUFF, 2011


Small Editions (1-3 books made) and unique artist books:

Heirlooms, 2007
In One Year, and Out the Other, 2008
The Heart is My Current Obsession, 2008


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