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Imagination Emporium
April 4, 2012

I am very excited to announce that my aunt Lisa has opened up her own retail store in Grafton, North Dakota called Imagination Emporium. The store will feature all sorts of beautiful home decor, decorating, and apparel items, some purchased and some handmade. Not only does my aunt have great taste, but she’s also got a really keen eye for displays and merchandising, and I have no doubt her store will do very well. My mom and I were invited to contribute to the stash inside, and we had a great time sewing and crafting together in preparation.  We were able to get three boxes mailed out by the end of last week! It felt GREAT, especially as I was able to send off some creations that have been sitting around my apartment for a while.  While it would be nice to have a few extra dollars coming in each month, I ultimately just want to show my support by helping the fill her shelves. Any earnings are just a great bonus! Also, now I can add to my creative resume that I have several wares for sale in an actual shop!

The first two photos here are ones I received via text showing the excitement of setting up the store.

And now, a photo dump of all the handicrafts I am sending:

adult sized slippers

This is a slipper pattern my grandma taught me, and it was the first project I learned after learning the basic stitches of knitting. She used to make these slippers for her own children, and then all the grand-children… I’d guess she’s made at least 20 pair just for our family. She can’t really knit anymore because it’s too hard on her hands – and these are knit in double strand, on size 8 needles, it’s tough on my own hands! In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to brag that I actually have developed a knitting callous on my left pinky. Now that is what I called hardcore knitting!

baby slippers

I’s hard to see the proportions here, but these booties are only about 4″ long, while the adult slippers are about 10″. I adapted this pattern from the adult sized slippers. These are an excellent way to use up yarn that is leftover from other projects.

crochet flower headbands

The pattern for these flowers and leaves comes from this book, “100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet.” I believe I have posted about it before. This is an excellent book for creating realistic and detailed flowers for all types of embellishing on projects. The patterns range from beginner to advanced, and the instructions are detailed, including symbolic diagrams. The author, Lesley Stanfield, has created a similar book called “75 Birds, Butterflies, & Little Beasts to Knit and Crochet” that is equally cute and fun.

The flowers on these headbands are made from nice wool yarns that I bought at a garage sale this past summer. The seller had them in medium sized bundles for 25 cents each. I think she was a weaver, but she had no use for them anymore. The colors are just amazing together!

crochet flower pins

This is the same knitted flower pattern as above, but made with a thinner yarn (actually, the yarn I got from Goodwill in this post!) I made leaves for these too, and glued them onto hair clips. My mom was thinking that these flower headbands would be a hit for girls for Easter.

I cut little felt discs to glue on the back, to hide the hot glue and the clip.

Everything looks more legit when you put it in a plastic bag with a price tag on it!

covered button bobby pins

These next barrettes you may recognize from a holiday bazaar I did about a year and a half ago. I was really excited to be able to send these, because since the bazaar they have essentially been in storage. I thought about listing them at my Etsy store, but since there is such a large amount it would be very time consuming to take pictures of them all, and potentially expensive in listing fees, especially if they didn’t sell. I also think they really are best presented in person, and it’s more fun for a potential customer to look through them all together and choose their favorites. I’m very excited to see how these do in the store.

I tried to use all different, fun fabrics, and all sizes of buttons, so there’s bound to be a pattern and style to interest everyone!

bow bobbies

these are just some fun little bow pins I made from glittery ribbon I got at JoAnns.

I will update this blog with updates about the store’s success, so stay tuned! in the meantime, Click here to ‘like’ Imagination Emporium on facebook and show your support!


There’s A New Baby In Town
May 13, 2011

As my satisfaction has gradually dwindled away over the cuteness level of my last doxie crochet project, I decided to up the ante when I found these mini-tiny dog noses at Knittn’ Kitten.  I designed a little pattern for them, and since it’s a fairly quick project, I want to make a bunch and sell them on my etsy. I may even sell the pattern, which is something I have seen on etsy quite a bit but haven’t designed anything worth writing up all fancy like, before this. My attitude towards patterns is usually just to “wing it”, and I tend not to keep track of what I’ve done, as long as it turns out as I want it to in the end.

made sure to make the ears x-tra large, and borderline *comedic*

fun sized, yet still cuddly!

Terrifyingly, Zowie thinks this is one of her toys. I have found it on the floor more than once. Thank god she hasn’t chewed out the nose and eyes yet, which seem to taunt her with glee. She somehow knows this lil baby doxie is too cute and helpless to terrorize in such a horrific way.

Crochet Flower Headbands
February 1, 2011

Before the holiday season, I took a trip to Idaho to visit my sister and her family. As usual, it didn’t take long for the craft supplies to come out and cover the living room floor.

Since their last visit, the girls have maintained their interest in crocheting, so this time I taught them how to make little flowers, from a really easy pattern I found in this book.  We used a cotton crochet yarn, commonly used to make washcloths, so the flowers came out bigger and thicker than they would have with regular yarn. We bought some elastic, and the girls colored it with markers to make the headband.  After sewing the flowers together, it was their idea to finish them off with a button center!

We couldn’t stop there though, so after the headbands were done, they crocheted matching flowers for wristbands.

Lily helped me wind balls of string while they worked.

They wore their works to school the next day!

Nice, Zowie
January 11, 2011

Over the summer, I went into overdrive buying bags of crochet thread at Goodwill, to stock up on colors for amulet bags. The problem with the way it’s sold is that it’s rolled onto a huge cardboard tube – with a ton of wasted space in between, it’s really hard to store in bulk. So one day when I was bored but feeling ambitious, I dragged it all outside and sat in the sun, rolling it all onto cut strips of plastic canvas. The results were great, I now have all my thread in one set of drawers. Only problem is, for some reason these little swatches are now INSANELY tempting to Zowie. It’s like a game/treat, trying to get to the crunchy plastic on the inside… How dare I leave one out in plain view?

I will admit though, that I take a slightly sick delight in untangling things like this. I do it at work too, a lot of times when yarn gets tangled beyond recognition by too many grabby hands, I’ll be the one to volunteer to sit down for 20 minutes and work through the mess. It’s somehow relaxing to me, and so satisfying!

It’s a good thing this little jerk is so cute.

The Littlest Dachshund
September 20, 2010

I crocheted this amigurumi dachshund for Rian for our 1-year anniversary.  A few months into our courtship Rian and I got on this kick, kind of an inside joke I guess, about how much we loved dachshunds and how funny they are. It has become a full blown obsession now, and we talk all the time about getting one whenever we move in together.

how could u not luv me, my nickname is sausage dog!

It’s funny because all my life I really have not been an animal person at all – I never grew up with any pets, and friends pets and animals in general kind of turned me off – but for some reason I have been changing. Call it the maternal instinct in me, or whatnot. Also, since my brother has gottten a dog (two years ago now!) and I have really bonded with her, I like spending time with an animal as a companion, it’s just so comforting. They have basic needs, and when those basic needs are met they love you forever! They are especially fun when they have such character and charm as Zowie!

I had originally planned to make this ‘lil badger hound for his birthday in June, but at the time I got really stuck on how to make the face realistic. I had originally gotten the idea here, and just planned to copy it from sight. The original dox has a yarn nose that is sewn in after, and it looks cute as is, but for some reason mine was not turning out the same way, which is why I gave up.

Then a few weeks before our anniversary, I came across a few packages of these plastic safety noses at a garage sale for 10 cents each, and then the idea really started to come together. The nose makes the face look sooooo much more realistic! I started with the face and once I saw that was coming together, the body was a cinch. I wanted to make the body just long enough to be comical, and the ears had to be pretty big. It was an added bonus when I figured out how to sew them on so that they could stick up, if so desired.

we’re going for accuracy here, people.

The really funny thing is that Zowie went crazy when she saw the finished product. I think she recognized the dog face, and thought it was a real life, tiniest dog ever. Of course I had to tease her by making the dox “bark” at her, and pretending to sniff around. She approached with intense curiosity, and a little caution.

Of course, they soon became bff 4evR 🙂

As a bonus feature to this post, I would like to highlight an Etsy shop I recently found that has a special place in my heart and firefox bookmarks…

Young Urban Puppy on Etsy

Click the text or image to be taken to the most amazing Etsy work of art you will ever experience. After a few minutes of browsing, you too, will feel the intense desire to own a mini dachshund of your very own.

Yarn Grab-bag, & Tribute to An Unknown Talent
July 20, 2010

On a recent scouring of Goodwill, I found this bag of yarn for $8. The craft aisle at GW is usually hit or miss, there’s either nothing good, or a lot of things I want but have to limit myself.. this was one of those rare, good times.

Based on several bags of expensive, beautiful yarns, and half finished projects – some with the needles still attached, like below – I can only deduce that a great crafter either randomly threw in the towel and dumped all their projects into the Goodwill bin… or she passed away and her belongings were scattered to second hand shops. Unfortunately I had to limit myself for lack of funds, but there was a ton of great stuff.

I chose this bag specifically for the thinner, sport weight yarn it had. This kind of yarn is really great for projects like embellishments and special touches. There are tons of great colors, especially the variegated yarns. Also, most of the skeins with tags on them are foreign! I think Swedish. Most look vintage, and it’s all wool, high quality.

These two projects came inside the bag, still attached to their yarn bundles. This one still has the needles and stitch markers attached!  The only way I would abandon a project like this is out of frustration… people just.. don’t knit like this anymore. The stitches and carry-overs – just looking at it is enough to make my head spin. wowwww!! I’m so impressed with this work. I think I can safely say I could never do a project like this, especially as it seems to be the startings of a sleeve, so there was a whole intentional sweater involved here. I’m just speechless.

Another really beautiful abandoned project. The colors are just amazing! This one was pulled off it’s needles, so it could unravel at a mere breath.  I’m planning to save these beauties and repurpose them into something I can use – for the second, I’m envisioning a small change purse or drawstring sack. Since I have the original yarns, I can just slip the stitches back on a needle and cast off with one round.  I can’t decide what to do with the first project, any suggestions?