About Me

I am a 24 year old college graduate with a BA in liberal arts studies. I majored in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, and minored in Book Art.  Eventually, I intend to pursue an MA in teacher education and my dream job would be to teach Creative Writing electives in a high school setting.  I consider my hugest talents to be writing and book making; those are my arts. Most everything else I do is a craft; that is I do it passionately and enjoyably, but it is more for fun and not my livelihood.

I am currently a part time fabric and craft store employee, and full time maker of stuff with my hands. My job is both a huge excitement and a huge let down in terms of my hobbies…. I love being exposed to so many supplies and new crafts, and to be able to offer some of my expertise when the right customer comes along. But at the same time, it is a very mainstream and corporate company, so there isn’t much to offer in terms of non-traditional arts and crafts, and the prices are sometimes offensive. And… the clientele is less than savory on many an occasion. I will attempt to digress from any awful guest services stories in this blog, but I’m going to warn you now.. it will be very hard.

I sell various handmade wares on Etsy, through Parapluie Press. While I will advertise and post links to things I make on this blog, I don’t want readers to think that my hidden agenda is to post about crafts so that you will buy mine. Most of the time I will post links as examples to my own attempts at certain techniques or cool things I find elsewhere. *However,* with that being said, I would like to publicly announce that all my Etsy proceeds go right back into funding newer and more exciting craft endeavors.

I am 100% left-handed – I write, throw, cut, point, shake, bat, and play guitar as a southpaw. Since I was small I have been accustomed to interpreting skills as a left hander, which usually means reversing directions or making a mirrored version of what I am being shown.  I am unlike the stereotypical southpaw in that I have insanely fine tuned motor skills .. I’m very handy with a pair of scissors or exacto blade. (Though I will admit, I can’t draw a straight line to save my life.)  My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet, by sitting facing me and showing me her work, so I work from left to right where most knitters work right to left. I have also perfected holding a type stick with my right hand. I am also just generally oriented to making things left justified; it seems more balanced to me. This is mostly noticeable in my book art and photography.

Like most people, I tend to focus on certain personal themes, and many concepts I find reoccurring in my projects. Most of my book projects are small and hand held, and have soft images and colors and represent semi-precious objects. 95% of the books I have created and self published contain very personal and self revealing poetry or prose. I am an avid collector of what can only be described as things, a little bit of everything. I often use vintage jewelry, ribbons, buttons, and other sewing notions, and gems in my work. I love detailed papers and cutouts. A lot of the things I knit and crochet have bright and fun colors, and are very playful. I make a lot of toys or cherished objects. Not a lot of the things I make would be considered “practical”, or have a lot of use in real life other than to be loved and cuddled with.  Especially through my works published under Parapluie Press, I attempt to physically represent the small yet powerful nature of precious objects and treasures.  A lot of my writing focuses on dreams, and the often blurred line between reality and ones own perception of themselves in it. I love to take simple objects and explore potential symbolism and meaning they can come to represent in my own life.  For a more succinct and eloquent version of this, check out my artists statement.


6 Responses

  1. Hi June,

    It was great to meet you tonight. I love your blog, you are a super talented young woman! 🙂

    The blog above is most of the work from my first solo show here which ran through August. It’d be nice to make something together sometime, I could illustrate a poem or something maybe and see where it goes?

    My older work is here: http://www.neilmperry.com

    Let’s catch up soon,

  2. Hi – I love your notebooks. I hope you don’t mind but I put them up on my creative journaling tumblr: http://creativejournaling.tumblr.com


    • Thanks Simmone! I love your tumblr, I’m following you now 😉

  3. hey
    I love following your crafts and hobbies and love your glasses collection.
    Gpa and Nancy

  4. Love your blog! You are so inspiring and I can’t wait to see your next creation. Happy crafting.

    Phyllis J.~ Enduring Elements

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