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Portland Zine Symposium 2011
August 13, 2011

The 2011 Portland Zine Symposium was wildly successful! This was the first year in a new location, which was really great! We had a lot more light, and separate rooms for tables, so it felt more split up and not quite so overwhelming to walk into. As usual, every single table was overflowing with great new projects.

I sat next to this really great doorway arch of bamboo and paper cranes!

Here’s day one. I took a bit different approach to my table display this year, I borrowed some really great acrylic book holders from work that allowed me to stand up all my zines, and have a lot more table space than previous years. I decided to bring my typewriter for the display partially because of the extra space, but also because I talk about it in my two newest zines, so I thought it’d be a cool edition, and it goes along with my whole aesthetic.

You can see my two newest projects – on the second book display from the left, in the front pocket, with the typewriters image on the front, is my zine called How I Became A Connoisseur of STUFF. It is a zine about the fine, almost microscopic line, between collecting and hoarding. The other new zine is laying out in front of the typewriter. It’s called Carriage Return*, and it’s a zine of typewriter drawings I did. I’ll make another post soon with more info/details on these zines, and how you can get them!

Day two. Notice the blue paper note in place of HIBACoS… I sold out! I made a little note so that people could leave their email address, and I’d let them know when the second round of copying was finished and it was in my Etsy page. The zine was really popular, much to my surprise and glee! The Multnomah County Library bought 6, and it will soon be in circulation, joining my zine The Left Handed Knitter. So exciting!!!

Here’s Nichole’s side, my trusty tabling mate. I love how our things look together!

All in all it was a great weekend, I did some awesome trades, bought some intriguing zines, and bumped into some old friends. And this year, surprisingly enough, I actually made a little money. I’m never in it to make a buck, but it’s always a great surprise to come home with more than I left the house with. It’s also always a huge compliment that people consider my publications worth a few singles. I had one lady spent $16 at my table alone! She bought several things for a friend, and one or two zines she bought two of. A lot of times people will go right by my table, especially the guys, because my aesthetic is pretty specific and it just doesn’t appeal to everyone. That’s totally okay with me, we all have our tastes. And it usually means that the people who are interested in my stuff really love it, because the style appeals to them so much. I always come home feeling so inspired from the weekend, it’s really a fantastic feeling.  I’m already developing ideas for next year!

Here’s the view from my side of things.


Reusable Shopping Bag
August 13, 2011

I made this reusable shopping bag out of decorative canvas for my mom’s birthday. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out actually, considering that it was one of my first solo sewing projects, and I didn’t use a pattern.  I used a brown bag as a template, and cut out my pieces with a rotary cutter. Then I just sort of… figured out in what order to sew it in that would make it easiest to put together!

I folded the straps over a few times to make them nice and sturdy, and used a zig zag stitch to seal them in. I used the same plastic grommets as the shower curtain I made a few months ago, I love them! They are so easy to use and add a great dash of color and accent wherever you use them. I handsewed this little star to attach the straps them themselves through the grommets. While the grommets are a little spendy (10.99 a pack, but I always use a coupon) the cool thing is that if you buy them with the intention of making a bag, you get 8 per pack so each will yield two bags. If you use a half off coupon, it makes it worthwhile for two bags, especially if you are selling and expecting a small profit.

I’m also pretty proud of these pockets that I “made up.” I somehow managed to hide all the seams, partially with some more zig-zagging, but I also made a little tab for it to fit in under the top rim of the bag, which not only hid the pockets beginning but also acted to reinforce where the grommets went in. Genius! If I do say so myself 🙂