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The Relentless Urge To Create
June 16, 2011

paint works of Earl Joseph MartellPhoto © Earl Joseph Martell. Click the image to be taken to his blog.

This is a really wonderful article I found during one of my lengthier perusals of I find the interview to be really inspiring, and have stopped back to read it every so often. This is such a wonderful example of creativity working itself into every person’s reality and daily life. I love this man’s ability to see beauty in something someone else wouldn’t even take a second glance at, and his urge to capture the beauty in that last fleeting moment, before it becomes something else entirely.

Q: I always ask people whether they believe the urge to create—to make something beautiful or useful—is something that is inate in people (or in some people) or whether they think it’s something that can be acquired or developed. Which side of the question do you come down on?

A: I say, realize what you’ve got, what you’ve been given, what’s in front of you, and either embrace it and move forward or settle into something less than your truly authentic life.*

Read the entire article and see some great captures at the Craft Stylish website, or visit Earl Joseph Martell’s blog.