Happy Floral Shower Curtain

I have been looking for a new project to work on sewing skills. Often I will find fabric at work, and the only way I can justify not buying it on the spot is that I want to dedicate it to a project first, because I splurge.  I’ve got terrible crafting hoarding tendencies, so I’m trying not to fall down the same slippery slope with fabric.

I have been admiring these cool plastic grommets at work, and have been trying to figure out what kind of project I could make that would showcase them. We have them in all colors, bright yellow, kelly green, cherry red, a dark true blue… They look so fun.  Unfortunately they were a little spendy – $10.99 for 8! I made sure to save coupons.

When I found this bright floral material, I knew I could make a really great shower curtain using the pink grommets. I love the color scheme of the material, the print that is just busy enough to be this side of chaotic, and it’s a poly/rayon that is soft and silky so it drapes really nicely. I added in panels of blue cotton because the material wasn’t wide enough on it’s own, and I didn’t want to have a seam running through the floral print. I also made a tab of cotton at the top to hold the grommets, for aesthetic reasons and also because I thought the cotton would be more stable.

I bought a set of metal shower curtain hooks at Target for $6 and we were in business!

This was a really fun project and a great way  for me to practice sewing. I used a large cutting mat and rotary cutter that I found in my mom’s sewing stuff downstairs, which greatly helped cut straight and clean lines.

I have four grommets left over – I’m thinking of a cute, sturdy cotton reusable shopping bag!


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  1. […] nice and sturdy, and used a zig zag stitch to seal them in. I used the same plastic grommets as the shower curtain I made a few months ago, I love them! They are so easy to use and add a great dash of color and accent […]

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