Nice, Zowie

Over the summer, I went into overdrive buying bags of crochet thread at Goodwill, to stock up on colors for amulet bags. The problem with the way it’s sold is that it’s rolled onto a huge cardboard tube – with a ton of wasted space in between, it’s really hard to store in bulk. So one day when I was bored but feeling ambitious, I dragged it all outside and sat in the sun, rolling it all onto cut strips of plastic canvas. The results were great, I now have all my thread in one set of drawers. Only problem is, for some reason these little swatches are now INSANELY tempting to Zowie. It’s like a game/treat, trying to get to the crunchy plastic on the inside… How dare I leave one out in plain view?

I will admit though, that I take a slightly sick delight in untangling things like this. I do it at work too, a lot of times when yarn gets tangled beyond recognition by too many grabby hands, I’ll be the one to volunteer to sit down for 20 minutes and work through the mess. It’s somehow relaxing to me, and so satisfying!

It’s a good thing this little jerk is so cute.


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