Unlike other years, this Halloween I had been planning my costume for a while.  I knew for a while that I wanted to be the infamous Snooki from MTV’s monstrosity of a reality show, Jersey Shore.  When the show first came out, I was pretty disgusted with it and avoided it completely. It looked so stupid and obnoxious, I couldn’t stand to watch a few minutes of it. But then, one faithful day, I must have been sick at home or my defenses were otherwise down, and I ended up watching an episode or two, and I was hooked. I still think it’s pretty gross and obnoxious, but somehow in a funny way.. I tell people it really just seems like another world, that these people can’t actually be real.  It’s become a pasttime for Rian and I, to hang out and watch Jersey Shore and 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom. So the more I thought about it, Snooki just seemed like the perfect costume – if I went with casual Snooki, I could get away with wearing slippers! So I would be uber comfy. And Snooki has so many recognizeable traits – the pouf, the glasses, not to mention the fake tan – that I knew everyone would know and love it. Rian originally had other plans completely, but I the more we watched the show together, he got dragged into the tangled web and decided to be a guido.  Because he can just pull it off so well!

To achieve the full look, it took much planning and a few hours to complete.  I got this horrid t-shirt at Walmart a few weeks before, and paired it with some shiny leopard print leggings, a gold chain fanny pack, and furry ugg-style slippers. I wore dark black eye shadow and fake lashes (honestly, there is no picture, because my face looked… horrifying)  I wore black and silver fake nails/talons and a huge fake diamond ring. Then all I needed was Snook’s signature glasses – which cost me a few bucks and a mere 20 minutes to make.  The best part is that you can actually kind of see out of them!

Rian’s wardrobe was relatively easy with a tight fitting, Ed Hardy-esque shirt, and jeans. He got a sample of Spiker from his hair dresser – the hair gel Pauly-D swears by. We also used a ton of hairspray and then sprayed his hair with black hair dye, for maximum gelmet effect. We got a fake tattoo from a quarter machine, and a plastic gold chain.

The most complicated part of our prep was obviously the fake tan – we investigated several options, including actual skin bronzer, face makeup, and the creams that body builders use to make their skin look extra dark and shiny. The problem with bronzing cream is that we didn’t want it to last more than for the evening, and the Pro Tan apparently never actually dries, so we would be leaving brown streaks everywhere we went all night. We ended up going with a combination of makeup foundation for a much darker skinned lady, and mixing it up with a squirt of brown face makeup and lotion. The first night of costuming I carefully applied the makeup to our face so it looked more even, but the second night we weren’t as pumped up so we just smeared it all over with our hands. Honestly, the pictures don’t even do it justice – we looked delightfully AWFUL!

my mom said it legit looked like we were rubbing ‘baby poop’ on our faces. :/

I think the only real problem with these costumes was that we went to parties where we didn’t know the majority of the people there, and most of them don’t know our sense of humor so they thought we were being somehow serious.  It was totally supposed to be satire – the skin extra dark, the pouf extra high, the Ed Hardy shirt extra douche-y. These personalities are so far from our own, that we had a lot of fun taking them on and completely altering who we were for just one night. But since most people don’t know us on a regular basis, they didn’t know how completely opposite we had made ourselves. I entered us into a halloween costume contest on a popular blog that I read called ONTD, you can see the image below that we submitted. We didn’t win, but we got a a little applause and snorts of approving laughter.


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