The Littlest Dachshund

I crocheted this amigurumi dachshund for Rian for our 1-year anniversary.  A few months into our courtship Rian and I got on this kick, kind of an inside joke I guess, about how much we loved dachshunds and how funny they are. It has become a full blown obsession now, and we talk all the time about getting one whenever we move in together.

how could u not luv me, my nickname is sausage dog!

It’s funny because all my life I really have not been an animal person at all – I never grew up with any pets, and friends pets and animals in general kind of turned me off – but for some reason I have been changing. Call it the maternal instinct in me, or whatnot. Also, since my brother has gottten a dog (two years ago now!) and I have really bonded with her, I like spending time with an animal as a companion, it’s just so comforting. They have basic needs, and when those basic needs are met they love you forever! They are especially fun when they have such character and charm as Zowie!

I had originally planned to make this ‘lil badger hound for his birthday in June, but at the time I got really stuck on how to make the face realistic. I had originally gotten the idea here, and just planned to copy it from sight. The original dox has a yarn nose that is sewn in after, and it looks cute as is, but for some reason mine was not turning out the same way, which is why I gave up.

Then a few weeks before our anniversary, I came across a few packages of these plastic safety noses at a garage sale for 10 cents each, and then the idea really started to come together. The nose makes the face look sooooo much more realistic! I started with the face and once I saw that was coming together, the body was a cinch. I wanted to make the body just long enough to be comical, and the ears had to be pretty big. It was an added bonus when I figured out how to sew them on so that they could stick up, if so desired.

we’re going for accuracy here, people.

The really funny thing is that Zowie went crazy when she saw the finished product. I think she recognized the dog face, and thought it was a real life, tiniest dog ever. Of course I had to tease her by making the dox “bark” at her, and pretending to sniff around. She approached with intense curiosity, and a little caution.

Of course, they soon became bff 4evR 🙂

As a bonus feature to this post, I would like to highlight an Etsy shop I recently found that has a special place in my heart and firefox bookmarks…

Young Urban Puppy on Etsy

Click the text or image to be taken to the most amazing Etsy work of art you will ever experience. After a few minutes of browsing, you too, will feel the intense desire to own a mini dachshund of your very own.


3 Responses

  1. This lil’ doxie is even cuter in person! I love it. 🙂 Ah, the perks of having a crafty GF.

  2. Awesome!

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