Cutie Crafts

I realized I have yet to make a post about the epic visit I had from my nieces a few weeks ago. The girls are extremely crafty, and can spend hours cutting and glueing, so needless to say we all get along very nicely…

Our first venture included a round robin story-writing conference, where we put my many typewriters to good use:

Next, the girls helped me by modeling many new things I have been meaning to put on my Etsy, but haven’t gotten around to taking good pictures of. Maybe their adorable faces will help me sell out of my Etsy slump!

(custom manicure by yours truly)

In a random fit of what some might call insanity, one night while we were sitting around at 11pm Lily asked me to make her a little owl she found in one of my amigurumi books. I started messing around with it and it came out pretty good! I later made Ashley and Emily these two cute little eggs, with a top and bottom shell. Inside is a little ball shaped chick with a beak and eyes. I didn’t get pics though, I was working on those until the morning they left to go back home.. ha!

with the colors she picked, I think it looks more like a parrot.. but cute all the same.

While at great grandpa and grandma’s for dinner, I showed Ashley and Emily how to crochet. They wanted to learn how to make a ball, so they could make some amigurumi too, so we started with making a square and worked our way to 3D. Ashley took off, but Emily couldn’t quite get in the groove things, until we switched her from crocheting with her right hand to doing it with her left. All the sudden it clicked! So interesting.

this picture cracks me up because they have the EXACT SAME EXPRESSION. concentration face!!!

Here’s a video I made of Emily explaining how to start out, when crocheting.

I really wish I hadn’t stopped the camera when I did, because at the end of the video she says “now, should I show how to start?” as in start crocheting. When I said no, or shook my head, she goes “GOOD, UGH” and everyone laughed!

Last but certainly not least, I broke out a bunch of clearance paper I bought from work for this exact occasion and we all went to town. I had been working on my knitting zine and the girls were very intrigued by a few paper punches I had lying around. And who can resist a pair of decorative-edged scissors??


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