Zine Making Party

Nichole and I have had a few days of intense zine making
sessions in preparation for the Zine Symposium.

I am debuting a few new projects this year – one is a zine of a personal piece of writing, one was the Beat Writers notebook series which have been finished for a little while now, and the third and most complicated project is a craft zine introduction to left-handed knitting, complete with images and video tutorial supplements which I will feature on this blog. I have had an incredibly awesome time playing around with imovie on my new(ish) macbook, and have completed four videos for the zine. When I first cooked up this idea I dreamed of burning the videos onto a dvd to pair with the zine, but in the end I decided I wanted to have music along with the videos and I knew there would be copyright issues because I would technically be selling the videos with my zine, and making a profit (as small as it may be.) So, I include links for the videos in the book, and it turned into a crafty (no pun intended) way to get people to come visit my blog.

Nichole has been my PZS buddy for a few years now – in fact we were introduced by a mutual friend at a symposium about 6 years ago. We started tabling together, and 3 of the last 4 years I tabled next to her. It’s always fun to have someone to sit next to and visit with, and we usually take turns watching each others table while the other walks around. Then later we compare things we found, because it’s always so hard to see everything, that someone can show you what you missed. We also have really similar taste in zine reading material, and cute stuff, so we get along great. Nichole makes really fun and cute zines with photography, personal writing, and ephemera from old children’s books that is very nostalgic and sweet. Her Etsy shop is currently closed, but you can sign up to receive updates when she reopens!

our tastes are so similar, see if you can guess who’s table is who from the above and below pics…

Anyway, as the 28th and 29th draw near, we are getting super excited and are planning down to the last minute detail our new creations. Both of my new zines are 95% complete, and are almost ready for copying. For me this is the most exciting part, when all these little pieces come together and suddenly with a copy and a few cuts, your work folds into a book. I will post some images once final production takes place, and of course will have a full report of the symposium. If you happen to be reading and are a Portland resident, you should definitely come check it out at PSU! here’s the website, once again… www.pdxzines.com


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  1. haha that looks like fun

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