Beat Writers Notebook Series

These are a set of recycled notebooks I made from old notebooks and ancient scraps I have been saving from projects, repurposed books, and scrap drawer raids back in the days of book art classes. The inside papers are colored, lined, graphed, tinted, textured, etc. and each notebook is unique in it’s contents. The cover designs are lino blocks I designed and carved. Each package comes with three notebooks, one each of Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Burroughs. The first page of each contains a typewritten quote from the writer I have enjoyed from their work. This is the first edition, and if they are popular I plan to make more, supplies permitting. I wrapped each with a tag with information about the project. The books are about 3″x4″. These are one of my new projects I will be debuting at the zine symposium.


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  1. […] a few new projects this year – one is a zine of a personal piece of writing, one was the Beat Writers notebook series which have been finished for a little while now, and the third and most complicated project is a […]

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