Table Display prep for PZS 2010

I have been working on some really great displays for my table at the Portland Zine Symposium this august.

So much of the experience as a tabler is about presentation. Not only is a decorated table more inviting and approachable, but the way that you present your goods can make or break sales! The past few years I spiced up my table with jewelry boxes, vintage cups and dishes, and cute tablecloths. But I always displayed my books and zines laying flat on the table, which isn’t very exciting or enticing for people to pick up and look through things. So, I have been scouring Goodwill for things like vintage napkin holders, letter stands, and other things I can stack and lean to hold books. Here are a few things I have collected so far:

An old napkin holder, that I have had forever and used to store letters in. I have a deep seated love for tacky resin plaques and ephemera with abalone in them!

This is a drawered jewelry box I got at Goodwill. It was painted a dirty gray color with purple outlining the drawers. I painted it magenta and coated with a few layers of modpodge, for shine. I am making a table cloth that is a deep turquoise lace over a lavender cotton, so I think this color will really compliment. I haven’t painted the inside of the drawers in hopes of lining them with some purple velvet I found in my mom’s fabric stash. I think my key books will look really great in the drawers, with maybe a little dish on top with business cards.

Last but certainly not least, I found this little gem on a Goodwill outing with my grandma last week. It set me back a whole $4! I think my books will look so cute leaning back inside of it! And the color scheme goes along with everything really nicely. My mom has already (tried to) lay claim on it once the symposium is over. we’ll see…


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