Pillow Burger

I found this ridiculously awesome crochet pattern for a cheeseburger pillow in a crochet magazine my grandma had from the 80’s. I believe at the time this was one of my first crochet projects besides a simple scarf and some small amigurumi, but the pattern seemed easy enough to follow, so I dove right in.

Now I’ll be the first to admit – I gave up about halfway through. Once I started making it, I actually realized how big it was. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all, each piece is at least 16″ in diameter, basically a full sized pillow in itself. I got halfway through the piece of cheese before I had to buy more yarn, and couldn’t match the colors, so I had to start over. Once I got through the tomato, it just seemed like too much work, and wayyyy too much yarn to buy.  I do hope someday to actually try again, and get through the entire project. Until then, I made this, by designing a variation on the pattern and basically making a micro version of the burger. Still cute, and I was able to rely on my stock of scraps and odds and ends yarn.

I felt like the tiny version was missing something, so I made up a bit of lettuce to add some color.
pickle not pictured.


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  1. This is awesome!

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