Make Your Own Knitting Needles

In doing some research for a zine I am making about knitting, I came across this website which features a simple yet brilliant idea: making your own knitting needles out of dowel!

I have often been frustrated about the prices of needles, especially Clover brand Takumi knitting needles, which I prefer over aluminum or plastic.  Though I work at a craft store now, and have an employee discount as well as the ability to squirrel away coupons and wait for sales, I still don’t want to pay $5 every time I want to do a new project with a new needle size!

Amy over at has a really great site with many helpful tutorial and technique videos, including one about making your own needles from simple dowel you can buy at a craft store. Just sharpen the ends to a point, (smaller dowel can be sharpened with a pencil sharpener!) sand the dowels down very smoothly, and attach a bead or wooden stop to the other end so your work won’t slip off. and voila!

watch the video here.


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