In One Year, and Out the Other Artist Book

I couldn’t find a suitable older model tv on google images,
so I went to a thriftstore and took a pic of my own 🙂

This is an artist book I made for a class assignment. I honestly don’t remember the actual assignment description.. I think it had something to do with looking at historical influences of the book/artist book vs. more modern forms of communication and expression, and I thought it would be interesting to see how these aspects might speak to each other. Kind of that stereotypical pun in bad movies with old people questioning the validity of the influences on today’s youth.

The idea of the book is that it meshes many recognizable faces and characters from TV, books, and pop culture.  I took advantage of the fact that the TV image is so familiar and used it to house some faces the average person might not recognize.

The book is actually a form of an accordion book, and pulls out to stand up and be viewed.  My professor showed our class some really cool old “peep show” books that were in this style but the front was covered and only had a small hole in the middle that you looked through once the book was stretched open, to see how all the panels layered up. It’s like a cousin to a kaleidoscope toy!  I really liked this format in terms of these things being housed and viewed in the tv, and the book literally opens up to sit in front of you for full viewing opportunities.

Apart from being visually appealing and impressive, I think the book would have been more successful if I had focused more intently on one type of image or message, rather than trying to include all these huge and overarching concepts – the hand holding the watches for time, notions of conventional beauty, and good ‘ole Mr “I went to the woods to live deliberately.”

Wonder how he would feel about being within six degrees of separation from Harry Potter?


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