Family Album Artist Book

click the images to see larger versions.

I made this artist book a few years ago after my grandma got out her old photo albums and let me look through them. There were so many amazing pictures, I went back to her house the next week with my scanner and took copies of a ton of the pics.  The pages are made out of bookboard that is covered with various fabric swatches I had in my collection.

this first page includes images of my great-grandmother, my grandma’s mother.

I wanted this book to feel like a cross between a family album and a collection of trinkets or heirlooms. A lot of the pieces contained within were found objects or things I had been collecting from the east bay depot for creative reuse, or craft sales. But I also included a few things that came from my grandma, including the skeleton key, some of the buttons, and the rhinestone necklace on the last page.

pictures of my grandma as a classy young lady.

these pictures are of my dad as a wee little one.

I also really love seeing all the pics of my dad as a baby, he was so adorable and whoever photographed him, whether they knew it or not, took some really emotive and beautiful pictures.

my grandma and grandpa, around the time they met.

I am really happy with how this book turned out, I felt like it was cluttered but successful in it’s random collection of goods. It may be a little overwhelming to look at but I felt like every little piece contributed to the whole feeling. It really epitomizes all the things I am drawn to: the precious nature of small, elegant objects, and the nostalgia and dream like quality of old pictures and memories.


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