Gemstone Rings

I have always been interested in rocks and agates, the earth’s natural treasures, but recently I started researching the metaphysical properties.  I love to read about the history of how each stone got its supposed healing properties, and how each is created uniquely by all real natural elements. I also really love the comfort in lucky talismans. Last summer I started collecting gemstone chip beads and decided to make rings with them.  I bought a ring sizer on ebay, 20 something yards of pliable copper coated wire, and within a few days I was in business. I printed out small cards with each stone’s metaphysical properties, to hand out with the rings.

*B&T project tip: if you can’t afford the chips at craft stores (my work sells them for $3.99 for about 16″ of beads, specialty stores will sell you more but the prices get much steeper, especially as the chips become “semi-precious”) scour the jewelry sections at thriftstores. I constantly find outdated jewelry that I take apart and use for other interesting creations.

(colored strings denote sizes)

more pics on my etsy.

See also:

The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach
The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals


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