Amigurumi Crochet Snail

I saw a similar project somewhere in the depths of Ravelry and decided to try my hand.  This little guy was real easy to make; his body is crocheted in the round and to make the tail i started to gradually taper it off and then only decreased once in the same spot on each round, to get the tail to curve.  His shell is also crocheted in the round, and I increased for three or four rows, then did 3 rows the same, then decreased to close. He can be made with these techniques in any size.

B&T project tip: Add the eyes and mouth as you go! This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but if you can visualize the porportions and where you want the “face” to go, just crochet one extra row and add the eyes before you work further down on the body. it’s much easier to try and plan it out and add them here, rather than making most of the body and then trying to squeeze your fingers up to force the posts on the back of the eyes.

I made a few and sold them at the Portland Zine Symposium a few years back; this little guy traded one for a knitted cat his mom made. the next day he came back with a handmade bed for his snail, made out of an altoids tin, cotton batting and a piece of felt. My heart exploded! His mom told me he slept with it too. This is why I make stuff!!!!!!!

see also:

6060 on Etsy and for excellent selections of craft eyes.


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  1. The animals/cacti are my faves! 🙂 Real life snails are groooooss, but your snails are cool. Please crochet a wiener dog?!?!

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